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Mountain Museum

In Nicosia, opened on December 13, 2015, the site aims to showcase the natural and historical beauty of the hinterland.

Trail network using GPS system within the Campanito-Sambughetti Oriented Nature Reserve.

A data sheet was produced for each trail with technical-logistical and naturalistic information about the trail


AVVISO ESPLORATIVO PER “INDAGINE DI MERCATO” FINALIZZATO ALL’AFFIDAMENTO DEL SERVIZIO DI TESORERIA PERIODO 01.07.2024-30.06.2029 Avviso manifestazione interesse Tesoreria Istanza Manifestazione-interesse

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TREKKING INVERNALE IN CLIMA NATALIZIO In cammino lungo gli antichi sentieri dei nevaioli all’interno dell’affascinante Riserva Sambughetti-Campanito, un’occasione per riscoprire la suggestiva atmosfera invernale della

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Trasparenza Azienda Speciale Silvo-Pastorale di Nicosia

More than an adventure, it is a way of life

Throughout the year, the Nicosia Special Silvo Pastoral Company offers approaches to nature for a healthy inner balance with an experience immersed in the environment by organizing events.

Stelle in Montagna - Trekking al Tramonto
Natale in Montagna - Trekking invernale

Tell us about your experience, your testimony is important to us! Write to us

Lino Di Franco
The adventure begins

Free your spirit, break your chains, go to the mountains

List of trails made by GPS system within the Campanito-Sambughetti Oriented Nature Reserve; for each individual trail a data sheet was produced with multiple technical-logistical and naturalistic information about the trail, elevation profile, representative photos of the trail.

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From Galileo onward, Nature has been predominantly regarded as an objective order and as a set of factual relations linked together by efficient causes


nature is an organized totality in which the parts live only as a function of the Whole;


nature is a reality structured according to certain purposes, whether immanent or transcendent;


nature is also something inherently spiritual, a "spirit in the making."


Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions, better known by the acronym precisely, they are a series of answers drafted in response to the questions most frequently asked by portal users.

On our website you will find all the information you are looking for, visit the URP page or the contact page.

No, you can visit whenever you want

No, the beauty of nature is enhanced by all times of the year

Yes, within them it is possible to have any picnics

In summer there are almost never any problems, while in autumn, spring and winter you need to be more careful: the advice is to dress in layers or ” onion-shaped”, wear thermal material that dries easily and carry a dry and clean change of clothes to keep in the car. hiking shoes are essential.

Absolutely yes, before any hike or activity, it is a must to consult the various weather reports to avoid running into unpleasantness.Today unlike a few years ago , weather services are very accurate and reliable

Yes, there is a shelter present, for more information please read our regulations. Download the regulation in PDF format Ita Version

Normally it is always not recommended to go into the mountains alone, even if you are prepared or experienced hikers. it is therefore necessary to rely on a guide and follow the proposed itineraries.

Yes, for more info please contact our office. On this page all references

Not at the moment, but there are plans to build one.


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